Evason Hideaway + Six Senses Spa at Hua Hin

This is one resort that certainly lives up to its name. Tucked away in Pranburi, approximately 23km (14 miles) south of Hua Hin and 230 km (143 miles) from Bangkok, Evason Hideaway & Six Senses Spa at Hua Hin consists of a collection of uber contemporary villas, promising Thai-style tranquillity and privacy.

The cares of the outside world vanish as you enter its compound of sleek architecture and thoughtful design, All its villas-save for the sole Deluxe Pool Villa- come with a private spa option that includes a spa shower and steam room, a treatment area and fitness facilities on request, Why venture out of these villas when inside, all its comforts envelop you inan oasis of rest and relaxation?

Sun loungers allow guests to acquire their tans in private, while a pool in every villa offers a quiet dip.

Each sublimely comfortable bed is veiled by a sheath of soft netting to keep the few topical insects at bay. Bath time is an elegant treat when taken outdoors in the sunken tub set in the villas’s lotus pond or garden.

And with plush daybeds so inviting, its hard not to curl ip in this Hideaway to escape from the world in the fantasy of a riveting book.

The Earth Spa by Six Senses is unlike any other spa, Constructed entirely from natural materials, it comprises a cluster of nine circular, domed buildings, in a gorgeous setting of water and landscaping.

The treatment rooms, meditation cave and relaxation area literally seem to be floating on the ponds, caressed by gentle breezes.

If well-being counts as the sixth sense, then the spa scores full marks. Using its philosophy of “skin food”, where only ingredients good enough to b eaten will be applied to your skin, a treatment here truly nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Countless guests are drawn to this unique spa to awaken their sixth sense.

Dining at this Hideaway is also an experience not to be missed, A 24-hour in-villa dining menu means guests can eat what and when they want to. Romantic meals for you are the speciality here- champagne breakfast delivered on a beautiful tray to your terrace perhaps? Or maybe you’d prefer a barbecue in your private space, just for you and your partner.

Even lunch takes on a romantic patina when enjoyed as a picnic on your front lawn.

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