Finding pet friendly condos in Bangkok (Sukhumvit)

If you have a pet and are looking for a long-term condo rental, you know how difficult it can be finding pet-friendly condos in the Bangkok, Sukhumvit area. Not everyone is as accepting of pets or animals in general as you. And we have to respect other people’s wishes. However, that doesn’t fix your pet problem.

It can be amazingly time-consuming and stressful to find that ideal Bangkok condo that suits you are your pet’s needs. Pets are like family but they scare some landlords and property development owners away. Most developments have a strict ‘no pets’ ethos, and although that might limit your options, there are more pet-friendly Bangkok condos available than you think. Let’s explore this subject in greater depth.

Why Do Bangkok Condos Have No-Pet Rules?

The real truth to this question is that the majority of Bangkok condo developments don’t want the hassle. They don’t want to upset other condo owners in the project. Developments are close-quarters areas with people literally living on top of each other so they have to always take that into account.

Having dogs in a close-quarters space such as this could be counterproductive and create unwanted noise and lots of dirt, which is understandable. However, if you own a cat or another pet that is not a dog, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Unfortunately, that is not the norm, so you need to look around and do loads more research.

Damage to the property 

Vast swathes of Bangkok condos owners worry about damage to the property, fixtures, and fittings. Renting condos in Bangkok to pet owners can seem bothersome, but as you already know, the majority of pet owners make massive efforts to take care of their pets and to ensure that noise, dirt, and property damage are kept to a bare minimum.

Fortunately for you, finding pet-friendly condos in the Bangkok Sukhumvit area has recently gotten easier. Since the onset of COVID-19, there is now a massive choice of properties available for rent with less onus on barring pets. We are currently in a renter’s marketplace, so you hold more cards than it would appear. Supply is currently outweighing the demand, so you have chosen the right time to find pet-friendly properties in Bangkok to rent.

Best Pet-Friendly Bangkok Condo Development on Sukhumvit

You might be surprised to learn that there is a load of pet-friendly Bangkok condo developments on Sukhumvit. This is one of the most central parts of Bangkok that is popular not just with foreign retirees and ex-pats, but also foreign workers and affluent Thais. Here are three of the best options currently available in the market with some additional honorable mentions.

Click Condo Sukhumvit 65

This development is located close to BTS Ekkamai and BTS Phra Khanong and they allow cats and dogs. Just remember that dogs mustn’t be over 7kg. The development has a fantastic choice of studio, 1 and 2-bedroom condos with an ultra-modern design and a pet-friendly ethos. Their onsite facilities are similar to what you might find in a hotel, coming equipped with a communal pool and fitness center.

IDEAO Morph 38

If you have a larger dog, this development is the perfect option. They accept both cats and dogs. Smaller dogs need to be carried in a bag when using the elevators, while large dogs need to use the designated elevators. This is one of the most dog-friendly condos developments in Bangkok. And the best part is the condos are super-stylish, modern, and comfortable. This development is located within proximity to BTS Thong Lo and comes equipped with a massive selection of onsite facilities.

M Thonglor 10

Pet owners with dogs or cats will massively benefit from renting here. This development accepts pets that are not heavier than 15kg. The location is near to BTS Thonglor and is one of the most central on Sukhumvit. Construction was completed in 2016, so this is one of the newer Bangkok developments. Set over 22 floors with over 170 condos, this impressive condo development offers a cool choice of 1 and 2 bedroom condos that are modern and fully furnished and set over sizes that range between 28sqm and 50sqm. The onsite facilities include a rooftop pool area, a games room, a fitness center, and a resident’s lounge.

Honorable mentions:

Manhattan Chidlom – Cats and dogs allowed, not over 20kg (BTS Chit Lom & BTS Siam).

Wittayu Complex – Pet-friendly policy that allows small dogs and cats (BTS Ploen Chit).

Prime Mansion Sukhumvit 31 – Cats and dogs are allowed (BTS Phrom Phong).

Fullerton Bangkok – Allows both cats and dogs (BTS Thonglor & BTS Ekkamai).

Aston Residence 41 – Both cats and dogs allowed (BTS Thonglor & BTS Ekkamai).

Le Nice Ekkamai – Cats and dogs are accepted (BTS Ekkamai).

Downtown 49 Bangkok – Cats and dogs are also allowed here (BTS Phrom Phong).

Other Things to Consider…

Just because a Bangkok condo block has a pet-friendly ethos, it doesn’t mean that pets are happily accepted. Some landlords don’t like pets even if they are willing to rent to you. And that can have a knock-on effect on how many pets are acceptable, the types and sizes of them. It’s always important to fully discuss the exact policy with the landlord before you sign any long-term rental contracts. You don’t want to unknowingly break the rules because you didn’t clarify beforehand.

Always be careful to scout the local area surrounding the development so you have access to dog walking space. Any open spaces or parks nearby the development are a massive plus factor and should be one of the main reasons for renting.

Although it can be a hassle to find pet-friendly condos in the Bangkok Sukhumvit area, there are more now than ever before. You just need to know where to look and understand what you and your pet needs. 

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